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June 15, 2012


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Checking in from my hotel room overlooking the Denver Convention Center!  Denver ComicCon will be starting in just over 5 hours.  So far I'm in love with this city -- the people are wonderful, food is great, and the weather is perfect.  Can't wait for the con!

For those of you in the Chicago area, I hope you'll be able to join me next Friday, June 22nd, for the opening reception of my gallery exhibit at the Rogue's Gallery, part of Challenger's Comics.  There will be 50 pieces of original art from Angel & Faith #1-6 on display and for sale, and about 25 from DV8 #1-8.  Oh, and beer and wine!  There will also be an exclusive print for sale, featuring original artwork incorporating two of my favorite things: high fantasy and black cats!  The exhibit will run through July 23, so even if you can't make it to the opening there's still plenty of time to drop in and browse the pieces.

Have a great weekend!
kirstgrafx Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great meeting you tonight! You're an incredible artist!
rebekahann Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for stopping by, Mike!
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