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MegaCon - February 17-19 - Artist Alley  table Lime Green 25

$60 for inked, 9"x12" single character waist-up on bristol or your sketchbook.  I'll probably do 12-15.  Come by early Friday or Saturday if you want a spot (as always, I will save some spots on Saturday for those who can't get Friday off work).  Free sketch if you buy a copy of MAGUS 1-5 or bring me your copy (or copies) to sign!

WonderCon - March 16-18

I'll be doing just a few $60 commisions (same specs as MegaCon) -- probably 4-5 -- and spending the rest of the time doing free sketches.  Because the con has so graciously invited me out, I want to be able to spend more time meeting and chatting with the con-goers.  Doing the usual load of commissions is fun, but I sometimes feel like I have to close myself off socially to concentrate on them, and sketching is a much more relaxed and personal way for me to interact with readers.  I'm super excited!  (Limit of one per person to make things fair and all).  Same with MegaCon, for those seeking commissions, please come by as early as possible on Friday or Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all at a con very soon!  

2012 Convention Schedule (so far -- check back for updates and @

Feb 17-19 - MegaCon - Orlando, FL

March 16-18 - WonderCon - Anaheim, CA

April 21-22 - Boston ComicCon - Boston, MA

Jun 15-17 - Denver ComicCon - Denver, CO
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January 18, 2012